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IBM® Virtualization Engine TS7700 Series Best Practices - TPF Host and TS7700 IBM Virtualization Engine

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Parker Wall
Gerard Kimbuende, John Tarby, Vanessa Earle

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IBM Systems

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# 3957; # 3957-V06; Virtualization Engine; Virtualization Engine TS7700

Abstract: The TS7700 IBM Virtualization Engine can attach to a variety of host systems, including z/OS®, IBM z/VM, IBM z/VSE™, and IBM z/TPF. Each has its own configuration and requires different tasks to be performed to optimize the solution. The purpose of this document is to highlight some best practices with regards to the IBM Virtualization Engine TS7700 and the Transaction Processing Facility (TPF).

White Paper - TS7700 and TPF V11.pdfWhite Paper - TS7700 and TPF V11.pdf




Operational Management


IBM Storage



TPF, zTPF, TS7700, 7700, TS7720, 7720, TS7740, 7740, Transaction

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