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Information Analysis and Platforms selection

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Chuck Gray

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e-business Solutions Technical Support

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All Products; All Products

Abstract: The industry is looking at the different approaches to analysis, although historically, you have been able to capture all the information prior to analysis. This is no longer true when data increases in volume, velocity, and variability that were the traditional computing model. You could produce a report, dashboard, or graph showing information from a data warehouse for all sales for a region by location. You would take notice of particular items of interest or concern in your high level analysis and drill down into the underlying details to understand the situation more clearly. My goal is to show we understand and build a blended architecture taking the right components from our pillars and make the best of breed solutions to address the business goals.

Information Analysis and Platforms selection rev4.docInformation Analysis and Platforms selection rev4.doc


Hardware; Software; Services; Solutions


Planning and Design


Business Intelligence



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Information Management


AIX; Linux; Windows; Windows 2003; Windows 7; Windows Server 2008; Windows Vista; Windows XP; z/OS; z/VSE


IMF, Business Analytics, Business Intelligence

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