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Elevator Statement: Business Intelligence for the Competitive Company

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Chuck Gray

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e-business Solutions Technical Support

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All Products; All Products

Abstract: IBM Smart Analytics products enable you to deploy business intelligence and analysis applications that meet all of your organizational needs. IBM Smart Analytics does not require you to extract your data and aggregate content into alternate data locations, but will build the structure in the DB2 database itself, keeping a central simple management point. The IBM Smart Analytic software stack provides the broadest capabilities and greatest flexibility so that Information Technology can truly minimize the dependency on multiple vendors and rely on one (single source of resolution) while delivering to the needs of the business community.

Business Intelligence for the Competitive Company rev 1.docBusiness Intelligence for the Competitive Company rev 1.doc


Hardware; Software; Services; Solutions


Product Positioning


Business Intelligence



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Information Management


AIX; Linux


BAO, Business Intelligence, Information Management

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