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IBM JVM 1.4.2 64-bit in SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java Environments

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Christoph Langer
Andreas Steiner2

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IBM Systems

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AIX 5L; Java Development Kit; JDK; Linux; Linux on zSeries; OS/400; SAP

Abstract: Across the IBM® platforms J9 (IT4J: IBM Technology for Java) has become the preferred technology to run Java® applications in the SAP NetWeaver® stack of releases 2004 and 7.0x.

On the one hand SAP® workload may be specific in some respect. On the other hand a huge quantity of general information is available. Therefore, based on our experience in support and development, this paper aims to provide a compact and relevant selection regarding terminology, description of typical problem situations, tuning options and tool usage.

We present selected options and Java parameters and describe some basics of garbage collection. In addition we describe the basic ideas of SAP's default parameterization.
Out Of Memory situations and garbage collection issues are the main focus of a section dedicated to problem determination.

The documented default parameterization is able to support the whole range of different workloads in the SAP context with few exceptions. If it comes to potential improvements it is key to understand the ideas behind it as well as the characteristic workload of your system. We point to the most important aspects like heap layout and workload profiles to discuss our guidelines.

Lastly, we give hands on information regarding tool usage. We describe state of the art tools for analysis of garbage collection and thread dumps. In particular we explain how to prepare your system for use of the Eclipse Memory Analyzer, which stands for a major improvement in memory problem analysis.

IBM JVM 1.4.2 64-bit in SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java Environments.pdf


Hardware; Software




Enterprise Application Solutions (EAS/ERP)




IBM Power Systems; IBM System i; IBM System p Family; IBM System x Family; IBM System z Family


AIX; IBM i; Linux


SAP, NetWeaver, AIX, IBM i, Linux, Performance, Java, J2EE, JVM, J9, parameterization, tuning, Tools

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