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IBM® TS7700 Series Best Practices - Recommendations for Inserting Logical Volumes V1.0

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Parker Wall
Carl Bauske

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IBM Systems

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# 3956; # 3957; TS7700; TS7720; TS7740; VTS

Abstract: Whenever a logical mount is requested, the Library Manager’s database is accessed, either to pick a scratch volser, or to determine the current status of a specific volser. The Library Manager is an integral component of the 3494 Tape Library and as is the 3953 Enterprise Library Controller. The database access times of the Library Manager must be short so it can realize short mount times.

Discussed below is a method to insure the database statistics are re-evaluated after an insert of a quantity of logical volumes. Basically, the Library Manager can be configured to perform the database statistics re-evaluation at a given time. The object is to insert the logical volumes and have the database statistics re-evaluated during a slow period that is prior to a heavy usage period.

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TS7700, logical volume, insert

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