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Configuring and Clustering IBM WebSphere Portal Enable for z/OS

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David Follis
Kevin J Senior

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IBM Cloud

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WebSphere Application Server for z/OS; WebSphere Portal Server ; z/OS

Abstract: The purpose of this document and its associated spreadsheet is to provide a step-by-step description of how to configure IBM WebSphere Portal Server Enable for z/OS in a cluster. Two sections follow -- Portal 7 on WAS z/OS V7 and Portal 8 on WAS z/OS V8.

Background Information

Anyone who has tried to configure WebSphere Portal Server Enable for z/OS will know that it is a much bigger task than configuring a WebSphere Application Server!

The document explains how to plan a Portal cluster on z/OS and tells you how to use the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet extends the one provided for WebSphere Application Server in Techdoc PRS1331 and described by Techdoc WP100653. The main extensions are new worksheets for the Portal ISPF panels, a Checklist worksheet that guides you through the whole process step-by-step, and a Status column that you use to track your progress.

In summary, you complete the Variables Worksheet on the spreadsheet and the variables you enter there are used to customize the other worksheets, including the Checklist. Then you follow the instructions in the customized Checklist. The Checklist tells you exactly how to invoke the ISPF dialogs for a particular task and refers you to other worksheet(s) in the spreadsheet that help you perform that task.

The Checklist is certainly the most useful part of the spreadsheet because it combines information from Information Centers, Technotes, Techdocs, and customer experience all in one place. The Checklist guides you through configuring a base Portal, performing database transfer, enabling WCM, configuring secondary nodes, creating a cluster and then enabling security. There is also a separate checklist that describes how to set up HTTP Servers with the WebSphere plug-in. When you have finished, the spreadsheet becomes a useful reference document that holds all the details and history of the Portal configuration.

Your feedback and suggestions are welcome. Please forward comments to Kevin Senior at


The content is packaged in a ZIP file with the following files inside each:
  • A PDF file containing the white paper describing the process
  • A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet used to configure the WAS and Portal environment

Portal V7.0 Built on WebSphere Application Server V7.0

This is the new content added to this Techdoc.

The content has been updated to support Portal z/OS V7.0 on WAS z/OS V7:

Portal V8.0 Built on WebSphere Application Server V8.0

This is the new content added to this Techdoc.

The content has been updated to support Portal z/OS V8.0 on WAS z/OS V8.0:




Installation and Migration


IBM System z Family

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WebSphere; IBM Collaboration Solutions (Lotus); IBM System z Software




WebSphere, z/OS, Portal, Clustering

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