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TS7700 Bulk Volume Information Retrieval V4.2

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Takeshi Nohta
Takeshi Nohta

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IBM Systems

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# 3956; # 3957; # 3957-V06; Virtualization Engine; Virtualization Engine TS7700

Abstract: The IBM TS7700 Series is the industry leading tape virtualization product that has revolutionized the way mainframe customers utilize their tape resources. As the capability of tape virtualization has grown, so has the need to efficiently manage the large number of logical volumes the system supports. Internal to the TS7700, a large amount of information is captured and maintained about the state and operational aspects of the resources within the TS7700. The TS7700 provides a management interface based on open standards through which a storage management application can request specific information the TS7700 Virtualization Engine maintains. The open standards are not currently supported for applications running under z/OS, so an alternative method is needed to provide the information to mainframe applications. This white paper describes the use of a facility of the TS7700 through which a z/OS application can obtain that information. It is assumed throughout this white paper that the reader is familiar with using standard labeled tape volumes and z/OS tape utilities.

White Paper - TS7700 Bulk Volume Information Retrieval V4.2.pdf




Operational Management


Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)


IBM Storage

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IBM System z Software


z/VM; z/OS


TS7700, 7700, TS7720, 7720, TS7740, 7740, virtualization engine, 3957, V06, V07, VEA, VEB

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