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Moving Applications to WebSphere on z/OS

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David Follis

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IBM Cloud

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Abstract: WebSphere Application Server is WebSphere Application Server ... across the different platforms. The product is functionally aligned across the different platforms, which means you're now free to make your platform decision based on the attributes and benefits of the platform.

Moving an application up to WebSphere on z/OS will work and work well. We've seen plenty of cases where it's been done successfully. The key is making sure the z/OS "target platform" is provided with all the things the application is going to need. From simple things such as making sure WebSphere z/OS is actually installed and operates, to more complex things such as CLASSPATH updates made on the distributed platform and replicated on the WebSphere z/OS platform. And even if the basic definitions are there, it's possible you may not achieve the performance you'd hoped for because elements of the application design hinder it from scaling up as far as you wish.

If you're considering moving an application from WebSphere on a distributed platform up to WebSphere on z/OS, this white paper, with its accompanying PowerPoint presentation and MP3 recording is intended to give you an understanding of the things you can do to help make that application move as successful as possible.

The paper (and PowerPoint) covers six areas of focus:

o WebSphere z/OS installation readiness
o Functional difference and specification difference analysis
o WebSphere z/OS runtime definition and data resource readiness
o WebSphere z/OS performance tuning readiness
o Cross-platform portability coding practice readiness
o Application design efficiency readiness

The intent is to provide a logical and structured review of the target WebSphere for z/OS environment so as many causes for failure can be identified and eliminated before the application is put into production.

White Paper
Designed in a planning review checklist format
(17 pages)
WP101093 - Moving Applications to WebSphere zOS.pdf

PowerPoint Presentation
A more conceptual presentation of the information provided in the white paper
(The PowerPoint has speaker notes under each picture: "View" --> "Notes Page")
(30 pages -- longer because there are introductory charts, some conceptual overview charts, and topic separator charts)

WP101093 - Moving Applications to WebSphere zOS.pptWP101093 - Moving Apps to zOS - Presentation Notes Pages.pdf

MP3 Recording of PowerPoint
So you can listen to the presentation being given while following along with the PowerPoint
(11.8MB, almost 50 minutes in length)

WP101093 - Moving Applications to WebSphere zOS.mp3


Hardware; Software


Planning and Design


IBM System z Family

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Application, moving, migration, porting, distributed

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