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White Paper - TS7700 Copy Export

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Takahiro Tsuda
Kerri Shotwell

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IBM Systems

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Product(s) covered:

TS7700; TS7720; TS7740; TS7760; TS7770

Abstract: The IBM Virtualization Engine TS7700 Series is the latest in the line of tape virtualization products that has revolutionized the way mainframe customers utilize their tape resources. One of the key reasons to use tape is for recovery of critical operations in the event of a disaster. The TS7700, in a Grid configuration, provides for automatic, remote replication of data that supports recovery time and recovery point objectives measured in seconds. For customers that do not require the recovery times that can be obtained in a Grid configuration, a new function called Copy Export is being introduced for the TS7700. With Copy Export, logical volumes written to a TS7700 can be removed from the TS7700 and taken to an offsite location to be used for disaster recovery. This white paper describes the use of this function.

The current version of this guide describes the revised format of the Export Status File Record, effective TS7700 R3.3 and higher.

Some explanations are added to the document:

White Paper - TS7700 Copy Export_v2.7.pdfWhite Paper - TS7700 Copy Export_v2.7.pdf




Operational Management


Business Innovation and Optimization (BIO); Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)


IBM Storage

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IBM System z Software


z/OS; z/VM


TS7700, TS7760, TS7770, 3957, VEC, VED, Copy Export

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