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WebSphere z/OS V6.1 - A Top Down Configuration Approach

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Don Bagwell

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Washington Systems Center

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Abstract: Creating a WebSphere for z/OS configuration involves constructing major building blocks by running customized batch jobs. You build a node, then you build another node, then you federate. The process is repeated. It works ... provided the naming definitions used is consistent and things line up properly. Making sure the naming lines up properly is a matter of having a vision of the finished cell, and enforcing some discipline on the creation of the cell through the many steps it takes to build it.

This paper is really a re-iteration of the key concepts we've provided before. But it's a shortened version (just 9 pages), and it highlights the key value in taking a "top down" approach to building a cell. In writing of this, we also bring into the picture the "planning spreadsheet' and the zPMT tool, both of which aid in the "top down" construction of a cell.

You may already have some of these key concepts in your mind. This paper should reinforce those who have a grasp on the key points, and instruct those just starting out.

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Planning and Design


IBM System z Family

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WebSphere z/OS, ISPF, zPMT, spreadsheet, Top Down, configuration

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