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WebSphere z/OS V6.1 - WSADMIN Primer (with Jython)

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Don Bagwell

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Washington Systems Center

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Abstract: WSADMIN is a programming interface to the WebSphere Application Server runtime. With it, you can do things with a program such as install an application, remap server ports, start or stop a server, or even create a new cluster. The "program" is really an script language, not a compiled language. This white paper illustrates the Jython language, which is the preferred language to use.

Learning to use WSADMIN is a challenging thing. It's challenging because there are several aspects to its usage on the z/OS platform:

1 - The syntax and commands of the Jython scripting language itself
2 - The syntax and commands of the APIs that make up the WSADMIN interface.
3 - Various issues related to invoking WSADMIN on the z/OS platform, including issues of security

A "primer" is a step-by-step instructional method. It seeks to establish basic concepts initially, then build on them to form a larger understanding of the topic. This white paper is a "primer" in that it involves many guided hands-on exercises aimed at bringing more and more understanding of WSADMIN to the reader.

Way back in May of 2004 I published WP100421, which was also a WSADMIN Primer, but that was written for the JACL scripting language. That paper became the single most downloaded document I've published. But JACL has been "deprecated" and Jython is the preferred scripting language. Many have asked if a Jython replacement to the popular WP100421 paper was available. This document is it.

This document is divided into XX main sections:

o Introduction
o Invoking WSADMIN on z/OS
o Command line WSADMIN exercises
o File-based input exercises
o JCL and BPXBATCH exercises
o Exploring the WSADMIN objects (this is the heart of the document)
o Security topics

Each section has its own hands-on exercises. The ZIP file that accompanies the PDF supplies the Jython script files illustrated.

Note: this paper owes much to Mike Loos' WP100963 Jython techdoc. That techdoc has some very interesting Jython examples. Please consider that document and this document companions of one another.

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