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Using Jython Scripting Language With WSADMIN

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David Follis

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IBM Cloud

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Abstract: This document was written by Mike Loos, an Consulting IT Specialist on the IBM Systems z System Integration Sales team.

WSADMIN is a programming interface to WebSphere Application Server that allows you to create "scripts" to do things programmatically you would otherwise do in the Admin Console. It is an extremely useful tool. In the past the scripting language of choice was "Jacl." More recently "Jython" was supported, and in Version 6.1 Jython has become the preferred scripting language.

This paper is an introduction to Jython scripting along with some very useful examples of how Jython is used to do common administrative tasks.

Included with the white paper is a ZIP file containing the Jython examples from the white paper. You may use the supplied Jython scripts in that ZIP file as a starting point for the construction of your own library of WSADMIN Jython scripts.

WP100963 - Jython Scripting with wsadmin tutorial.pdfWP100963 Jython Sample




Operational Management

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WebSphere z/OS, WSADMIN, Jython. V6.1

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