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White Papers on the Role of System z in Today's Environment

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David Follis
Carl Wohlers

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IBM Cloud

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Abstract: These white papers were written by Carl Wohlers, who is an Information Technology Solution Architect in IBM's Server and Technology Group's technical sales. These papers provide a clear and valuable perspective on the role of System z in today's rapidly changing IT environment.

Additional papers may be added to this Techdoc as they are written by Carl.

A Perspective on the Transformation of zSeries to Support New Workloads

WP100961 - A

A sweeping introduction and overview to forces that shaped the world of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), and how IBM's System z plays a strategic role in that initiative.

WP100961 - A - Transformation of zSeries to Support New Wo….pdf

Why System z9 For New Workloads

WP100961 - B

A straight-forward discussion of the key advantages of System z9's ability to address the needs of today's new workloads.

WP100961 - B - Why New Workloads on System z9.pdf

Why WebSphere Extended Deployment for System z9

WP100961 - C

A discussion of the value of IBM's "Extended Deployment" functionality when deployed to the z9 platform.

WP100961 - C - Why WebSphere Extended Deployment for System z9.pdf

The Next IT Transformation - Things You Need to Know

WP100961 - D

A survey of the things driving IT transformation in today's world, and where it is headed.

WP100961 - D - The Next IT Transformation.pdf

Faster, Cheaper and Better

WP100961 - E

The first paragraph of the document reads: "For many, platform selection boils down to three basic evaluation criteria: is it faster, cheaper and better than the alternative? The following brief is intended to answer this question for System z. System z has undergone substantial change over the past 24 months and it is useful to consider this change in the light of the aforementioned question."

The following ZIP file contains the paper along with two supporting small Powerpoint presentations.

WP100961 -

The True Value of System z for SOA – Data Protection

WP100961 - F

SOA applications that execute on System z inherit many benefits. Often these benefits are subtle, and their use today with existing traditional applications is taken for granted (we have forgotten the benefit because we have just become accustomed to it). Nevertheless, the benefits are real and adopting a multi-tier alternative increases costs.

WP100961 - F - The True Value of System z for SOA - Data Protection.pdf


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zSeries, SOA, EAI

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