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Introducing the zPMT Configuration Tool for WebSphere z/OS

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Don Bagwell

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Washington Systems Center

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Abstract: New with WebSphere Application Server for z/OS Version 6.1 is a configuration tool that is very much like the ISPF customization panels. This new tool, called the "zPMT" (z/OS Profile Management Tool) is a workstation based GUI tool that is used to capture configuration information -- long names, short names, ports, JCL procs, userids, etc. -- and generate the customized JCL jobs that are used to build the WebSphere configuration. That should sound familiar -- the ISPF panels do pretty much the same thing. The difference is, of course, that the zPMT runs on a workstation.

This paper helps introduce the zPMT, why it's provided (hint: the ISPF panels, while they still exist and work, are "deprecated" in V6.1), how it's used, and some hints, tips and recommendations on making the most of it.

The paper is 36 pages long and should prove to be an easy read.

The tool itself, once you know the basics of it (which this paper provides), is really quite easy to use and quite intuitive.

(The Powerpoint presentation provides the essential information of the white paper, but in presentation format. I've left it in source Powerpoint so those interested in using the presentation may modify it to fit their particular need.)

White Paper in PDF format

WP100871 - Introducing the zPMT.pdf

Powerpoint presentation

Introducing the zPMT.ppt




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IBM System z Family

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WebSphere z/OS, configuration, zPMT, profile management tool, AST

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