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COMMON Connect Magazine Article: IBM System i Parallel Save and Restore

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Mervyn Venter

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IBM Systems

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# 3494; # 3570; # 3573; # 3576; # 358x; # 3580; # 3581; # 3582; # 3583; # 3584; # 3584-L32; # 3590; # 3590E; # 3590F; # 3592; # 5722-BR1; # 5769-BR1; # 5769-SS1; AS/400; BRMS; i5 520; i5 550; IBM eServer i5; IBM eServer iSeries; iSeries; iSeries 400; Tape Drive

Abstract: COMMON Connect Magazine Article: IBM System i Parallel Save and Restore

This article was published in the June 2006 issue of the "COMMON/Connect" magazine, which is the official journal of COMMON, a users group. The article reviews the various techniques for splitting a System i backup into multiple streams (concurrent, parallel-parallel, parallel-serial), then explains tips and techniques to allow optimal/successful restore of the data.

This posting includes both the actual magazine article that was printed, and also a slightly extended version of the article that includes additional sections as follows;

(1) Tips to handle restore in environments where the journals/receivers and physicals/logicals are in different libraries
(2) Explanation of a possible restore problem with a multi-streamed save and referential constraints in the database

Actual Magazine Article:


Extended Version of Magazine article including 2 extra sections:

iSeries Parallel Restore Information + Considerations - V5b - for magazine - long article.doc




Backup and Recovery


IBM System i




AS/400, iSeries, OS/400, i5/OS, tape, save, restore, backup, BRMS, parallel, concurrent, recovery

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