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WebSphere V6.1 for z/OS -- Changing Host Names and System Names

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Don Bagwell

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Washington Systems Center

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Abstract: WebSphere for z/OS maintains hard-coded references to the system IP host name and MVS system name in many different places in the configuration XML. If you wanted to start WebSphere on another system -- for example, a disaster recovery site for testing your DR process -- it used to involve hand-editing a bunch of XML files, running some shell scripts, and hoping you didn't make a mistake.

Now, with WebSphere for z/OS Version 6.1, a new WSADMIN object has been added -- AdminTask. That object has two methods that were designed to sweep through the XML and change the host name and system name references. Using them is quite simple and quite effective.

This document shows how to use the new AdminTask object to change the IP host and system names for a Network Deployment cell and a Standalone Server cell.

WP100792 - Changing Host and System Names.pdf




Operational Management

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WebSphere, z/OS, V6.1, Disaster Recovery, Host, System, XML, WSADMIN

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