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z Systems Performance: Processor Migration Capacity Analysis in a Production Environment

Document Author:

Kathy Walsh

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Advanced Technical Sales

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Product(s) covered:

z9-109; zSeries; z/OS; IBM System z

Abstract: Installations migrating to new processors often perform capacity assessments against workloads running on the migrated processor. These assessments are done to validate the expected capacity relationships and to ensure workloads running in the new environment are working as expected.

The ability to do this analysis on a production system is made more difficult because of the varying nature of work on the system under review. Unlike a benchmark, where the load and test data are controlled and the system is configured to minimize change, production systems by their nature have significant variability. An analysis of any production system needs to be able to identify workloads where the inherent variability of the production system is reduced so comparative analysis can be done. This white paper will discuss these issues and offer methods on how to assess a processor migration in a production environment.



Hardware; Software




IBM System z Family

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IBM System z Software




zMCAT, stability analysis, processor migration, relative capacity

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