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Using JMS and WebSphere Application Server to Interact with CICS over the MQ/CICS Bridge

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Don Bagwell
Ronald Lotter

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Advanced Technical Sales

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WebSphere Application Server for z/OS

Abstract: The use of messaging middleware, such as WebSphere MQ, is a popular architectural choice for connecting applications. This architecture can be leveraged by WebSphere Application Server and CICS applications that are DPL-enabled. These applications use an application-defined COMMAREA as input and output and can be invoked from WMQ over the CICS Bridge. From WebSphere, an Enterprise Application can use the JMS support to send messages requesting CICS program execution and receive messages with the results. When invoking CICS applications over the Bridge, the JMS code should support sending and receiving the MQCIH structure as this provides greater control over the interaction and enhances error reporting.

This paper, and the associated code samples present an approach to invoking CICS transactions that are DPL-enabled using JMS running in a WebSphere Application Server. The paper discusses the needed WMQ and CICS configuration on z/OS, and the steps to configure WAS and deploy the sample EAR file, if desired. It also discusses in some detail the 3 development and test iterations that led to the final code, which is also available in a Project Interchange file, suitable for use in RAD V6. Test results have been captured and explained, so if you don't have the environment to actually deploy and test the code, you should get a good sense of how it works.

The entire package is zipped up in one file and contains the following:
> CICS Bridge_JMS.pdf - the doc.
> Bridge.ear - a deployable sample
> - a RAD V6 Project Interchange file
> mqcih.cpy - the Cobol definition used to build the java code that wraps the MQCIH structure.

The paper is attached here separately:
CICS Bridge_JMS.pdf




Installation and Migration

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JMS, WebSphere Application Server, CICS, MQ/CICS Bridge, WAS, z/OS, message, server, sample

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