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Copy Services Manager (CSM) Global Mirror Reporting Tool

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Craig Gordon

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Advanced Technical Sales

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# 2107; # 2421; # 2422; # 2423; # 2424 ; # 2831; # 2832; # 2833; # 2834; CSM; DS8000; DS8300; DS8700; DS8800; DS8870; DS8880; DS8882F; DS8884; DS8886; DS8888

Abstract: Copy Services Manager (CSM) provides the capability to export Global Mirror reporting data from GM sessions that it manages. The data is exported in a CSV format which this tool will import and format in an Excel workbook, providing an easy method to create reports from the CSM exported data.

The zip file contains a macro enabled Excel workbook along with a User's Guide. The tool will require Microsoft Excel and was developed using the Office/365 version of Excel running on Windows. This tool is provided as an as-is tool to help with reporting on Global Mirror metrics as measured by and exported from CSM.
GM Data Analysis V1R3.zipGM Data Analysis

Note: A similar tool is available for processing Global Mirror monitor data for TPC-R, which was the predecessor to CSM. It can be found at


Hardware; Software


Operational Management


IBM Storage


AIX; IBM i; Linux; Linux on IBM Z; Windows; z/OS; z/VM


CSM Copy Services Manager Global Mirror Monitor DS8000 DS8880

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