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Full Data Collection with IBM Spectrum Control/TPC for Remote Performance Analysis

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Peter Kimmel

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Technical Sales Support - Europe

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# 2107; # 2145; # 2421; # 2422; # 2423; # 2424 ; # 2831; # 2832; # 2833; # 2834; DS6000; DS8000; DS8300; DS8700; DS8800; DS8870; DS8880; DS8882F; DS8884; DS8886; DS8888; Tivoli Storage Productivity Center

Abstract: This mini hand-out and presentation can be given to a client who is using IBM Spectrum Control, or Tivoli Storage Productivity Center versions 5 or 4, to show them what we usually need when collecting data for a remote performance analysis of a single storage device, like a DS8000.

This is the presentation:
TPC 5 DS8000 Data Export v2.pptTPC 5 DS8000 Data Export v2.ppt

Was done for DS8000 and with IBM Spectrum Control 5, but should also be able to use this with other storage types e.g. SVC, or other versions of IBM Spectrum Control/Storage Insights, or TPC.

Example for older TPC versions, CSV export, from Stand-alone GUI:
This is just getting data on full "Subsystem" level, disregarding ports or individual ranks, or volumes. But because we have all counters in, many analysis issues can be seen already here very quickly.
As output is rather comprehensive, and very tiny, e.g. here output examples for DS8700:

for SVC:

Example for GUI export, latest 5.3.x Spectrum Control, "Export Performance Data", DS8880:
A performance package done with the new IBM Spectrum Control GUI export functions may look like this
(but go for a larger timeframe:)


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AIX; Linux; Windows


TPC, Spectrum Control, DS8800, DS8880, DS8870, DS8700, DS8300, DS8100, SVC, DS8880, DS8882, DS8884, DS8886, DS8888, Storage Insights

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