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TDMF enhanced data integrity - a best practice guide for z/OS data migration

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Dirk Schaepers

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IBM Systems

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DASD; DS8000; DS8300; DS8700; DS8800; DS8870; Enterprise Storage Server; IBM ESS 2105; IBM System Storage; TotalStorage; z/OS

Abstract: Migrating data across heterogeneous storage environments can be risky and have potentially disastrous effects. To ensure a productive data migration, you need careful planning and a migration solution that provides a non-disruptive data mobility and avoids the risk of data loss as it ensures high data integrity and application availability during the migration.

Transparent Data Migration Facility (TDMF®) for z/OS® is a host-based software solution for volume based data migration in a z/OS environment.
This paper describes the best practise, essential parameters and some new functions to enhance data integrity and consistency during a z/OS data migration.

TDMF enhanced data integrity - a best practice guide - Release 01.docTDMF enhanced data integrity - a best practice guide - Release 01.doc


Software; Services; Solutions


Installation and Migration


Big Data and Analytics; Cloud


IBM Storage

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IBM System z Software


MVS; OS/390; z/OS


Transparent Data Migration Facility, TDMF, z/OS, DASD, DS8000, system storage, online data migration, data mobility solutions

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