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z/OS Positioning Software for zEnterprise EC12 Server

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Riaz Ahmad
Gregory Daynes

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zEnterprise; z/OS

Abstract: The new IBM zEnterprise EC12 (zEC12) offering consists of the IBM zEC12 Central Processor Complex (CPC), the new IBM zEnterprise BladeCenter(R) Extension (zBX) Model 003, and the IBM zEnterprise Unified Resource Manager. The IBM zEC12 CPC is designed with improved scale, performance, availability, and security, making the IBM zEC12 an ideal platform for cloud computing, running integrated OLTP and data warehousing, and deploying IBM's smarter computing industry solutions. The new 120-core design delivers massive scale across all workloads and enables cost saving consolidation opportunities. The IBM zEC12 is designed to be a worldwide leader as a fast and scalable enterprise system and is based on IBM's newest hexa-core 5.5 GHz application-tuned out-of-order superscalar chip, delivering over 78,000 millions of instructions per second (MIPS) in a single zEC12 footprint. The new microprocessor design delivers a boost to performance for all workloads.

Several new architectural facilities have been added to the hardware. IBM zEC12 will be the first general-purpose large-scale enterprise server with a Transactional Execution Facility, designed to help eliminate software locking overhead that can impact performance. Transactional Execution will offer increased scalability and parallelism to drive higher transaction throughput. IBM's Java Runtime Environment is planned to exploit the Transactional Execution Facility in an upcoming maintenance roll-up (see Statement of general direction). The XL C/C++ compiler is planned to provide hardware built-in functions to enable applications to use the Transactional Execution Facility with a PTF at general availability. In z/OS V1.13, the XL C/C++ support is intended to be used for development and testing. The new IBM Enterprise PL/I compiler is planned to exploit the new Decimal-Floating-Point Zoned-Conversion Facility for increased efficiency to improve performance. The Enhanced-DAT2 facility will enable exploitation of new 2 GB page frames by Java and others, offering increased efficiency for large memory structures to improve performance. The new Runtime Instrumentation Facility is designed to provide managed runtimes and just-in-time compilers with enhanced feedback on application behavior, allowing for improved self-tuning. Java is planned to exploit a significant set of the new instructions available on IBM zEC12 servers. These changes to Java are designed to enhance array bounds checking, and help the system fetch data and instructions operate more efficiently.

The software support for the zEC12 servers like the IBM z1196 and z114, differs by z/OS release level and is provided by a combination of FMIDs and PTFs.

The zEC12 servers requires a Systems Assurance and the Systems Assurance Confirmation Form (filled out by IBM) must be completed before the System zEC12 will ship. See your IBM Representative for details.

For software consideration click on the pdf file. zEC12 Software considerations - August 30_2012.pdf
chkzEC12ops.txt chkzEC12ops.txt (Check for zEC12 ops)


Hardware; Software


Installation and Migration


IBM System z Family

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IBM System z Software




zEC12, PSP, service, migration, software, 2827

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