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Speciality Engines zIIP and zAAP Software Update

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Riaz Ahmad

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z9 BC; z9 EC; zSeries 890; zSeries 990; z/OS; z/OS.e

Abstract: The System z9 Integrated Information Processor (zIIP) is the latest specialty engine for the IBM System z9 mainframe. The zIIP is designed to help improve resource optimization and lower the cost of portions of eligible workloads, enhancing the role of the System z9 mainframe as the data hub of the enterprise. The System z9 Integrated Information Processor (zIIP) will join the ranks of the eServer® zSeries® Application Assist Processor (zAAP), and Integrated Facility for Linux® (IFL). All specialty engines run full speed.

zIIPs are very similar in concept to System zApplication Assist Processors (zAAPs). Like the zAAPs, but unlike standard central processors (CPs), ICFs, and IFLs, the zIIP can do nothing on its own. They cannot execute an Initial Program Load and can only assist the general purpose for the execution of eligible work. IBM does not impose software charges on zIIP capacity. The zIIP is available on the z9 EC and z9 BC, and is designed to strengthen the System z9 as the data serving hub, helping you to more fully leverage your valuable assets.

The amount of general-purpose processor savings will vary based on the amount of workload executed by the zIIP, among other factors.

Click on the PDF for software requirements and other pertinent information. zIIP and zAAP Software Update - August 2009.pdf


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Installation and Migration


IBM System z Family

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IBM System z Software




z/OS, zIIP, zAAP, Web download, 105510

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