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Introduction to the Techdocs Library

The following standard "general" categories (familiar to long-time users of Techdocs) are available:

-- High visibility documents published to alert the field about significant new technical developments, and to provide immediate guidance on the installation, use and management of IBM products.

Presentations & Tools (and other "downloads")
-- Generally larger presentations and other materials (such as tools), which require downloading before using them with IBM products and offerings. May also include very large document files (PDFs, Word docs, etc).

Technotes & Tips
-- Less formal documents published to share useful information, usually to assist with the installation, configuration and use of IBM products. Some less-technical documents (such as newsletters, announcements, etc) have been moved from here into the Auxiliary Materials category (see below).

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions
-- Frequently Asked Questions are published question and answer pairs that will provide helpful product information on specific issues related to installation, configuration, performance and sales of IBM products. (Also see the specialized FAQ categories below.)

White Papers
-- Highly detailed documents published for technical details and guidance with installation, configuration and performance of IBM products.

Techdocs also breaks out various sets of documents from the categories above into specialized or "focused" categories. Here are the currently available special categories:

CSPs - Customer Support Plans
-- IBM offers so much in support and services, that customers can get quite confused. When Sales or ITS Specialists take customers a Customer Support Plan, it speaks to real customer needs. In fact, customers have indicated that the CSP helps them feel more comfortable with our service and support. And, a more comfortable (and informed) customer is a more satisfied customer!

-- A sizing is an approximation of the hardware resources required to support a specific software implementation. Several resources are available to assist with sizing. Sizing guides are available to help you effectively respond to customer requests for ballpark sizing information. Sizing questionnaires are available to help you gather customer requirements, which can then be submitted to Americas Techline for assistance from experienced specialists with sizing select IBM and ISV software applications.

SSPDs - Solution Scenario Profiles
-- A Solution Scenario Profile is a quick thumbnail sketch of a solution design - it contains just enough information to let you determine what the solution was for and how it worked. It is created by abstracting the essence of the solution design into a concise standard format that allows you to quickly understand whether or not the solution is of interest to you. If you find the solution interesting, you can obtain additional details from attached design documentation or by contacting the solution designer.


Techdocs also hosts several types of AUXILIARY MATERIAL, of use to the Technical Sales Support team and the Sales Force in general. Here are the currently available types of auxiliary material:

Conferences -
-- Various materials from Conferences IBM sponsors or participates in, such as the semi-annual SHARE conference. Most of these documents are in "Document Groups", where a parent Conference document provides direct access to documents representing sessions or subsets of the conference..

Skills Transfer -
-- The "Skills Transfer" category contains presentations, class materials, audio, and other types of information to get you up to speed with products and with on-demand solutions.

Newsletters -
-- Newsletters are collections of news items, distributed by product groups or support teams, primarily targeted at their focused communities. However, the information in these newsletters is often useful beyond the bounds of these communities and so it is shared here.

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