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There are a number of "documents" within the Techdocs Library that don't specifically fall into one of the "Technical Materials" categories defined elsewhere in the library. These "auxiliary materials" do have their own sub-categories, as described below. Some may be special categories used only by a relatively small group within the Techdocs Library's community of users.

The auxiliary material categories:

-- IBM Technical Sales Support groups regularly participate in technical, marketing and educational conferences. Ahead of such conferences you will find planning information within the documents here. After these conferences you'll find extensive conference reference material, such as detailed recaps of the sessions and in some cases audio or video downloads.

-- Newsletters are collections of news items, distributed by product groups or support teams, primarily targeted at their focused communities. However, the information in these newsletters is often useful beyond the bounds of these communities and so it is shared here.

Skills Transfer -
-- The "Skills Transfer" category contains presentations, class materials, audio, and other types of information to get you up to speed with products and with on-demand solutions.


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