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IBM Enterprise Content Management for Linux on z Systems - Scale-Out Case Study

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Juergen Doelle
Thomas Weber

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Technical Sales Support - Europe

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Enterprise Content Management; FileNet P8 Platform; GPFS for Linux; IBM Spectrum Scale; IBM Z; Linux on zSeries; WebSphere Application Server ND; zSeries; z/VM

Abstract: These white papers are closely-related describing an IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) scale-out case study for Linux on IBM z Systems with the parallel filesystem IBM Spectrum Scale 4.2.

Scale Out Case Study Part 1 - Single ECM Node with XFS and IBM Spectrum Scale 4.2
The first part focuses on a single ECM node with an XFS filesystem or IBM Spectrum Scale as FileNet File Storage Area. The setup, tuning and performance analysis of the ECM components and IBM Spectrum Scale is described for the system under test


Scale-Out Case Study Part 2 - Multiple ECM Nodes with IBM WebSphere Application Server Cluster and IBM Spectrum Scale 4.2
The second part focuses on the scale-out to multiple ECM nodes in a WebSphere Application Server (WAS) Cluster, and the effectiveness of IBM Spectrum Scale as a distributed parallel filesystem. In addition, the Spectrum Scale cluster configurations Shared Disk (SD) and Network Shared Disk (NSD) are tested.







IBM System z Family

S/W Pillar(s):

IBM System z Software


Linux; z/VM


ECM, FileNet p8, cluster, Spectrum Scale, GPFS, Linux, z/VM, z Systems

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