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IBM Copy Services Manager Session automation

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Thomas Luther

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IBM Systems

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CSM; DS8000; DS8800; DS8870; DS8880; DS8884; DS8886; DS8888; IBM System Storage; IBM System z; IBM Z; z Systems; z/OS

Abstract: IBM Copy Services Manager Session Automation White Paper

IBM Copy Services Manager offers a Command Line Interface (CSMCLI) which can be used for automated Session management. This becomes quite useful, if you need to integrate CSM session actions into higher level automation routines or batch environments, e.g. for creation of a Practice Copy at a certain time.
Beside running individual (or a series of) scripted CSMCLI commands, starting with CSM 6.2.1 there is a new Scheduled Task capability which can also be utilized to accomplish a certain degree of session automation.

This white paper will discuss usage and best practices for both session automation options. The scripting part will focus on CSMCLI scripting options on z/OS, since the CSMCLI runs in z/OS Unix System Services and automated execution of USS Shell commands might not be commonly known for mainframe system programmers or storage administrators. Therefore the used script language in this paper will focus on Rexx, which is available on z/OS platforms and can easily be integrated into batch environments.

Rexx however is not only available on z/OS, but can also be used on other platforms via commonly available, portable Rexx interpreters, e.g.

The CSM Scheduled Tasks part will focus on the enhanced task capabilities introduced with CSM 6.2.2. They allow any session management action to be added to a scheduled task while a task now also supports multiple actions against multiple sessions. Furthermore a new action type 'Wait for state' can be added to a task in order to wait for specific session state prior continuing execution of the next task step.

Throughout this white paper a concrete example scenario will be used to discuss CSM session automation capabilities. This example scenario leverages a DS8000 4 site replication topology, that is managed by two active CSM sessions (a Multi Target MM-GM Session and cascaded to the GM leg is a 2 site MM FO/FB Session running in Global Copy mode). The advanced example scenario will create a consistent copy of data on the fourth site for testing purposes while restarting the Global Mirror replication afterwards.

CSM Session automation v1.1.pdf


Hardware; Software


Operational Management


IBM System z Family; IBM Storage; IBM Z


Windows; z/OS


csm, replication, multi-target, ds8000, automation, csmcli, rexx, script

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