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Lawson S3 on IBM PowerHA for i

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Robert Driesch
Paul M Swenson

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AS/400; IBM eServer i5; IBM eServer iSeries; OS/400; Power

Abstract: The IBM i™ and its predecessors, the iSeries® and AS/400®, are known for their legendary reliability. However, one computer system may no longer be sufficient in providing the level of availability required in today’s demanding business environment. As companies continue to increases their reliance on computer systems as well as the mission critical data that these systems store and process, system availability is of utmost importance. Companies must prepare for both unplanned outages resulting from disasters or other unforeseen circumstances and planned outages due to regularly scheduled maintenance or other planned activities. Regardless of whether the outage is planned or unplanned, companies must be prepared to handle any outage and keep downtime to a minimum.

A high availability solution can include elements of data resiliency, device resiliency, and application resiliency and allow you to meet requirements for handling both planned and unplanned outages. This paper focuses on the use of POWERHA ® for i and, more specifically, the Solution Based GUI in simplifying the implementation of a cross-site mirroring with geographic mirroring solution for Lawson S3 environments on IBM i. Even though we chose to focus on cross-site mirroring with geographic mirroring, this paper also describes other solution options that are available.



Hardware; Software; Solutions


Planning and Design


Enterprise Application Solutions (EAS/ERP); ISV Applications


Infor; Lawson


IBM Power Systems; IBM System i


i5/OS; IBM i; OS/400


i5, iSeries, IBM i, Lawson, Lawson S3, Lawson LSF, OS/400, AS/400, High Availability, POWER, PowerHA, PowerHA SystemMirror

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