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Invincible Supply Chain - SAP APO Hot Standby liveCache on IBM Power Systems

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Katharina Probst
Marc-Stephan Tauchert, Elke Hartmann-Bakan, Ursula Zachmann

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IBM Systems

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AIX; DB2 9 for Linux UNIX and Windows ; DB2 for AIX; DS8000; DS8300; DS8700; ERP; FlashCopy; HACMP; HACMP/ES; LPAR; POWER6; POWER7; PowerHA SystemMirror; Proof of Concept (POC); Proof of Technology (POT); SAN Volume Controller; SAN Volume Controller SW; SAP; SCM; Tivoli System Automation for Multiplatforms; VIOS

Abstract: A joint IBM SAP proof of concept presenting an end-to-end infrastructure solution for mission critical SAP Supply Chain Management using Advanced Planning and Optimization (APO) and/or Available to Promise (ATP). Each single point of failure is provided with an HA solution including the new PowerHA Hot Standby for SAP liveCache. Hot Standby is an integration of the SAP liveCache via API to IBM storage functionality. The ABAP database is covered by similar quick recovery functionality of DB2 HADR. Both the Tivoli SA MP and PowerHA clustering solutions are covered. Storage virtualization provided by the IBM SAN Volume Controller extends the flexibility and resiliency of the end to end solution based on Power7 and VIOs.

The Case Study of the Invincible SCM Solution:

The Implementation Guide for the liveCache HotStandby:
8.1.2 Post processing for manually workaround the wizard
vi /usr/es/sbin/cluster/sa/hswizard/etc/LCHSenv.cfg
CONTROL_LOGIN=”-U HLC_XUSER” < Xuser created eg. <SID>_XUSER>
--> CONTROL_LOGIN=”HLC_XUSER” < Xuser created eg. <SID>_XUSER without '-U'>

The Administration and Migration Guide for the liveCache HotStandby:


Hardware; Software; Solutions


Backup and Recovery


Business Innovation and Optimization (BIO); Enterprise Application Solutions (EAS/ERP); ISV Applications; Supply Chain Management (SCM)




Cross-Platform; IBM Power Systems; IBM System p Family; IBM Storage

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Information Management; Tivoli




SAP SCM HotStandby liveCache ATP "Available to Promise" APO PowerHA

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