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SAP® TRBK Banking Benchmark using IBM DB2 pureScale® for Linux/Intel - Benchmark Report

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Herve Sabrie
Berni Schiefer, Russ Stocker, Kostas Rakopoulos, Wallace Chen, Pandu Mutyala, Aruna De Silva, Karl Fleckenstein, Thomas Matthae, Serge Bourbonnais, Ping Li, Anand Krishniyer, Aslam Nomani, Brent Beardsley, Christian Hugues, Gael Marlin, Alain Fournil, Philippe Jackimczyk, Alexis Gausach, Hervé Guerin, Francoise Alabiso

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Personal Solutions Systems Center

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DB2 for AIX; DB2 Universal Database for Linux UNIX and Windows; DS8700; DS8800; Linux; SAP; x3850 X5; x3950M2

Abstract: This document describes IBM testing of the SAP® TRBK solution using DB2 pureScale® on x86/Linux, based on a predefined set of tests scenario.
It was IBM managed under the leadership of the IBM Information Management Performance and Benchmark team based in Toronto, with the support of the Information Management Development teams based in Boëblingen, and in San Jose, and carried out in the IBM Montpellier benchmarking centre (PSSC).
The project has been performed between July and early December 2010 for the performance and HA tests, then between February and early May 2011 for the DR tests and finally from June to early August 2011 for the certification test campaign.
The project is referred to as the SAP® TRBK Benchmark using DB2 pureScale® on x86/Linux.

DB2 PS SAP TRBK External Benchmark Report-v1.3.2.pdfDB2 PS SAP TRBK External Benchmark Report-v1.3.2.pdf


Hardware; Software; Solutions




ISV Applications




IBM BladeCenter; IBM System x Family; IBM Storage

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Information Management




DB2 pureScale SAP TRBK Transaction Banking Benchmark Linux System x x3850

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