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TS7700 Series DS8000 Object Store Users Guide V1.0

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Lourie Bryan

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IBM Systems

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# 3957; TS7700; Virtualization Engine; Virtualization Engine TS7700; VTS

Abstract: The IBM TS7700 Series is the industry leading tape virtualization product that has revolutionized the way mainframe customers utilize their tape resources. Now, the TS7700 expands its capabilities by becoming the first virtual tape server that can also store object data. Through the TS7700-DS8000 Object Store offering, the TS7700 can now be a cloud target for the DS8000 Transparent Cloud Tiering function, allowing DSFMShsm data to be directly migrated to the TS7700 from its DS8000 primary disk storage as objects. Object data and logical volume data will coexist within the same physical TS7700 cluster with no new hardware requirements. This white paper describes the TS7700, z/OS and DS8000 requirements for this new feature as well as a detailed overview and usage information.

TS7700 Series DS8000 Object Store Users Guide-V1.0.pdfTS7700 Series DS8000 Object Store Users Guide-V1.0.pdf




Operational Management


IBM Storage




TS7700, TS7760, TS7770, DS8000, TCT

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