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WebSphere Liberty Profile for z/OS

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David Follis

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IBM Cloud

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WebSphere Application Server for z/OS; zSeries; z/OS

Abstract: WAS Version 8.5 included a new server model called the "Liberty Profile." The Liberty Profile provides a fast, lightweight, composable and dynamic server runtime. This Techdoc will provide several documents related to the new Liberty Profile on z/OS.

Liberty Profile z/OS Overview
    The new Liberty Profile provides a server model that is:
      • Composable -- the function is very modular and flexibly decoupled, allowing you to specify just what function you need for the applications you are serving.
      • Lightweight -- the Liberty Profile uses a number of approaches to optimize the loading of functions, which results in a footprint significantly less than traditional WebSphere Application Server.
      • Dynamic -- many of the runtime functions may be dynamically updated by simply changing the configuration XML; applications may be added or updated by simply replacing the application file in the file system directory.
      • Fast -- due to the composable design and other factors, the Liberty Profile is able to execute very quickly.
Liberty Profile z/OS Technical Executive Flyer
Liberty Profile z/OS Quick Start Guide

    The following is a step-by-step "Quick Start" guide to assist with establishing early success with the Liberty Profile. The document takes the reader from some very simple initial uses of the Liberty Profile up through more sophisticated uses involving z/OS-exclusive functions such as using z/OS for digital certificate keystore/truststore, classifying work using WLM and JDBC using Type 2 and RRS:
    The following ZIP file contains two sample applications referenced by the Quick Start guide:
Sample workflows to dynamically provision Liberty servers in a z/OSMF cloud environment

z/OSMF is a management facility of z/OS that provides, among other things, a workflow engine. Workflows are defined processes that perform actions when run. You can use z/OSMF workflows to provision Liberty z/OS servers. This create a cloud environment for Liberty z/OS servers.

Workflow samples are provided at this Git location:

Liberty or WAS Traditional ... How to Decide?

Additional function has been added to Liberty since it was first introduced. It is now Java EE 7 compliant and supports the Java 8 SDK. So the question arises: "What should I consider when deciding between using WAS traditional and Liberty z/OS?"

The following guide provides some considerations to take into account when comparing the two.


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IBM System z Family

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WebSphere; IBM System z Software




WAS V8.5 Liberty Profile z/OS

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