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Impact of joining on calculation column of calculation view on HANA view performance in HANA 1.0 SPS12

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Dipanshu Roy

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Global Business Services

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Abstract: This document aims at discussing the effect of calculation column of calculation view on join performance. The join operation in HANA view is important operation, SAP has improved the performance of join operation from its earlier version. However, this important operation needs to be used carefully otherwise it may result in huge performance degradation of calculation model in HANA. The general best practice guideline of any transformation to be handled at ETL layer e.g. SLT or BODS, however if it is not possible for any obvious reason then we need have better strategy to handle the same in calculation view. However, before we have better strategy, we need to have better understanding what is going wrong if we use join operation on calculated column and what would be the impact. Any operation in HANA view handled by different engines like calculated column is handled by calculation engine and only then it goes to join engine. This may result in adverse performance of the calculation view in terms time of execution and memory consumption.

This article would provide a reference or insight on performance of join operation on calculated column in HANA calculation view.





Hardware/Software Maintenance


Linux; Solaris


SAP HANA, SAP HANA Calculation View, HANA view performance, calculation view performance, calculation view join performance

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