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SAP Architectures on IBM Power Systems and other selected IBM Products

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Alessandro Galimberti

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Global Technology Services

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Product(s) covered:

# 3996; ADSM; AIX; Brocade; Capacity on Demand; FlashSystem; GPFS; HACMP; Hardware Management Console; IBM Spectrum Accelerate; IBM Spectrum Scale; IBM Spectrum Virtualize; IBM Storwize V3700; IBM Storwize V5000; IBM Storwize V5010; IBM Storwize V5020; IBM Storwize V5030; IBM Storwize V7000; IBM System Storage; Linux; NIM; Power; Power9; PowerHA SystemMirror; Power Systems I/O; PowerVM; SAN; SAN Volume Controller SW; SAP; Tivoli Storage Manager; TSM; VIOS

Abstract: This whitepaper has the intent of support an IT Architect approaching SAP Architectures as well as being a reference book of standards, customizations and details to more experiences SAP IT Architects who are working with IBM platforms. What is, optimistically, the value of this whitepaper is to condensate most of the technical concepts behind SAP and IBM Technologies which are usually spread among many pages or many different manuals (and sometimes your only way to assimilate those concepts are only on paid trainings or if you are lucky, your senior colleague willing to teach you) as well as my argumentation for each architectural decision and/or technical choice described in this whitepaper.

SAP Architectures on IBM Power Systems and other selected IBM Products 07-01-2019.pdf


Hardware; Software


Planning and Design




Cross-Platform; IBM Power Systems; IBM Storage


AIX; Linux


SAP HANA Power AIX Virtual I/O Server PowerVM PowerHA DB2 IBM Storage A9000R Storwize V5030 V7000 IBM Spectrum Protect

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