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IBM Z: z14 ZR1 Internal Battery Feature (IBF) Migration Information

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Ryan McCarry
Gregory Hutchison, Fred Bader, Riaz Ahmad

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IBM Systems

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# 3907

Abstract: The Internal Battery Feature (IBF) is an optional feature on many of the IBM Z family processors. The IBF provides a local uninterrupted power source and further enhances the robustness of the power design present in the mainframe and increases a mainframe’s immunity to power line disturbance. It provides battery backup power to preserve processor data during a loss of power on all power feeds from the computer room. The IBF can hold power briefly during a brownout, or for orderly shutdown if there is a longer outage. The IBF will not be available on the IBM z14 Model ZR1 which introduces customers to another consideration when planning a new build or upgrade to this machine.





Installation and Migration


IBM System z Family; IBM Z



z Systems, z14, z14 ZR1, migration, configuration

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