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How to Shrink your iSeries Backup Window - a Step by Step Guide

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Mervyn Venter

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IBM Systems

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# 2749; # 3494; # 3570; # 358x; # 3580; # 3581; # 3582; # 3583; # 3584; # 3584-L32; # 3590; # 3590E; # 3590F; # 3592; # 5769-BR1; # 8xx; # 9406-7xx; AS/400; BRMS; FlashCopy; i5 520; IBM eServer i5; IBM eServer iSeries; iSeries 400; iSeries; Model 820; OS/400; SAN; Storage Area Network; Tape Drive

Abstract: Customers around the world are looking for ways to minimize their iSeries backup window. This 7-page article provides a step-by-step guide to help customers review their backup and determine whether a faster tape drive would help reduce their window. It also offers suggestions to help resolve bottlenecks in the save process (both hardware and software), and alternative strategies and technologies to reduce the backup window.

This article is broken into the following sections:

- Step #1: Determine whether your backup is meeting the benchmarks for your existing hardware
- Step #2: Investigate bottlenecks if the backup is not meeting the benchmarks
- Step #3: Consider purchasing newer tape drive technology
- Step #4: Consider other techniques if you need a shorter backup window still

URLs are provided to locate the various documents required to investigate backup performance.

For comments, corrections or questions, please contact Nancy Roper at

** this article was originally published in the June 2005 issue of the Toronto Users Group Magazine

TUG Newsletter - Backup Window Article - by Nancy Roper - with paragraph headings - V2.doc


Hardware; Software


Backup and Recovery






AS/400, iSeries, OS/400, i5/OS, tape, save, restore, backup, BRMS

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