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IBM System z: SAP for Insurance Tests

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Paul DeLessio
Seewah Chan, Paul DeLessio, Paul Lekkas, Howard Poole, Johannes Schuetzner

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IBM Systems

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AIX; DB2 for z/OS and OS/390; DB2 Universal Database for z/OS; DS8000; DS8800; ERP; POWER6; pSeries 550; SAP; z9 EC; z/OS

Abstract: Both IBM and SAP view the insurance industry as particularly important. As evidence of this, we have together developed a reference architecture document for System z with SAP. This paper describes several tests the companies jointly performed with IBM System z, DB2 for z/OS and the SAP for Insurance application.

The focus of the IBM efforts and this paper was on the interactions of the application with the IBM supplied infrastructure. Infrastructure examples are servers, storage subsystem, operating systems, relational database, and associated items. While SAP optimized their SAP for Insurance application behavior during these tests, the IBM team focused on the infrastructure.

These tests were not performance measurements nor were they formal benchmarks. Our goal was to understand the workload behavior and learn for further optimizations. While we did report several performance related metrics, these tests were more in the nature of stress tests. There was very limited exposure of the application to the test environment. Sometimes there were just a couple tests. In addition, there were relatively low business volumes attempted. As a result, there was very limited infrastructure tuning, investigation of performance bottlenecks, and investigation of how to scale up the volumes. Further, we ran on systems that are two generations old with the associated limitations of features and functions. For example, the DB Server’s System z9 used was two generations down level from today’s zEnterprise System. This resulted in relatively slow communication speeds for networks and disks compared to the current generation with no capability to use features like High Performance FICON for System z (zHPF). However, we used current versions of z/OS, DB2 for z/OS for testing.

All that being said, this project enabled SAP to enhance this application with several functions, features, and extensions to run more efficiently from a database as well as application server perspective.



Hardware; Software; Solutions




Enterprise Application Solutions (EAS/ERP); ISV Applications




IBM Power Systems; IBM System p Family; IBM System z Family

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Information Management; IBM System z Software




SAP, System z, Insurance, DB2 for z/OS

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