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An automated build environment under Linux on System z

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Marc A Beyerle

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Global Technical Support

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Product(s) covered:

Customer Java Application; IBM eServer zSeries; IBM System z; Java; Java Development Kit; JDK; Linux; Linux on zSeries; LPAR; Proof of Concept (POC); Rational ClearCase; S/390; zSeries 990; zSeries; z/VM

Abstract: This Technical White Paper describes the setup and basic operation of a state-of-the-art, Java(TM) based software build environment under Linux® on System z®. Products included are Novell® SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server, IBM® Rational® ClearCase®, several Apache components (Tomcat, Ant, Maven), and CruiseControl. Guiding the reader step-by-step through the setup, this document can serve as a blueprint for replicating the solution in other data centers.

This report was created as an outcome of a customer Proof of Concept project. The client, for whom this project was performed, is one of the largest European banking institutes. The bank's ultimate goal is mass consolidation of distributed servers onto the IBM Mainframe. In this context, the Proof of Concept successfully demonstrated how easily applications can be moved from Microsoft® Windows® to Linux on System z.





Installation and Migration


IBM System z Family

S/W Pillar(s):

Rational; IBM System z Software




System z, zSeries, Linux, Java, Rational, ClearCase, Novell, SUSE, SLES, Apache, Tomcat, Ant, Maven, CruiseControl, JSPWiki, Proof of Concept, consolidation, TMCC

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