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IBM i - Performance Data Collection for Sizing Storage

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Kevin Bogart

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IBM Systems

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DS8000; DS8700; DS8800; DS8870; FlashSystem; FlashSystem 900; IBM i; IBM Storwize V3700; IBM Storwize V5000; IBM Storwize V5010; IBM Storwize V5020; IBM Storwize V5030; IBM Storwize V7000; IBM System Storage; POWER7; POWER8; Power Systems I/O; SAN Volume Controller

Abstract: This document is a collection of instructions for generating the appropriate Performance Tools reports needed as input to Disk Magic. Download the document that best meets your needs.

If your system is not running IBM i 7.1 or higher, please refer to the directions in the PDFs below.

IBM i Performance Data Investigator (PDI) can export IBM i performance data to .csv files that can be processed by Disk Magic automatically.

How to generate a .csv file in PDI:
    • Sign on to IBM Navigator for i by using the URL https://yoursystemname:2001 replacing 'yoursystemname' with the name your IBM i is known by on your network.
    • In the left hand navigation tree, select Performance -> Investigate Data -> Collection Services -> Disk > Disk Reads and Writes Detail.

    • Use the pull downs to select the collection library and collection name you wish to use for import to disk magic and click "Display"

    • Export the first view, "Performance Data Investigator IBM i Model DSS".

    • Ensure format is set to "Comma Delimited (*.csv). And select "All data" for the data range before clicking "OK"

    • Depending on your browser settings, a file will be placed in your downloads folder or you will be prompted to save the file. Locate this file and send along to the person performing your disk magic study.
Additional information about Performance Data Investigator and the 'Disk Reads and Writes Detail' can be found at developerWorks via the following URLs:

Generating the performance tools reports using the interface most comfortable for you.

Interface descriptionDirectionsLast updated
Command line interfaceCommandLineInterface.pdf20 November, 2008
IBM i (i5/OS) menu driven interfaceMenuDrivenInterface.pdf1 December, 2008
System i Navigator GUI (graphical user interface)
IBM Systems Director Navigator web interface (new in V6R1)

Download the performance tools reports in text form using the interface most comfortable for you:

Interface descriptionDirectionsLast updated
System i Navigator GUI (graphical user interface)NavigatorGUIforTEXT.pdf1 December, 2008
IBM Systems Director Navigator web interface (new in V6R1)








IBM Power Systems; IBM Storage




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