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Archive solutions with IBM Spectrum Archive™ Enterprise Edition

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Nils Haustein

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Technical Sales Support - Europe

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GPFS for Linux; GPFS; IBM System Storage; LTO; Tape Drive; TS1120; TS3500; TS4500

Abstract: This Whitepaper presents an archive solution for files in a highly scalable environment that is based on IBM Spectrum Archive™ Enterprise Edition. This innovative solution in combination with IBM Spectrum Scale allows storing large volumes of files on the most appropriate storage medium over their lifecycle helping to optimize total cost of ownership.

We first give an overview into file archiving requirements and elaborate on archiving and retrieval processes in such environments. Afterwards we give an introduction to Spectrum Archive Enterprise Edition leveraging the standardized Linear Tape File System (LTFS) and Spectrum Scale providing the necessary policy tools. Finally, we demonstrate a solution comprised of Elastic Storage Server (ESS), Spectrum Scale and Spectrum Archive that performs automated tiering of different types of data from disk to tape.

Spectrum Archive Solution_v6.pdfSpectrum Archive Solution_v6.pdf


Hardware; Software; Solutions


Planning and Design


Cloud; Digital Media


IBM Storage




gpfs, ltfs ltfsee, SpectrumArchive, SpectrumScale, tape, archiving, ILM

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