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IBM Mainframe Life Cycle History

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Don Clarke
Francois Lord

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Techline Americas

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# 2064; # 2066; # 2084; # 2086; # 2094; # 2096; # 2097; # 2098; PureData System for Transactions; # 2817; # 2818; # 2828; # 3907; # 9672; IBM System z; IBM Z; S/390; z9-109; z9 BC; z9 EC; z10; z10 BC; z10 EC; z114; z13; z13s; z14; z15; z196; zEC12; zEnterprise; zEnterprise 196; zEnterprise EC12; zSeries 800; zSeries 890; zSeries 900; zSeries 990; zSeries

Abstract: IBM Z mainframe hardware product marketing and service life cycle history since 1994.

Each family of the IBM Z mainframe hardware products have followed a similar life cycle pattern: product announcement, general availability, marketing withdrawal, and service discontinuance. Historically each mainframe generation has had a long life from general availability to service discontinuance, averaging over 11 years. In addition, family-to-family upgrade paths have also provided investment protection and extension of the asset life time.

This document provides a graphic summary and details of the mainframe product life cycle since the introduction of CMOS technology in 1994.

Last revision: April 14, 2020 - V2.4 - added z15 T02.

IBM Mainframe Life Cycle History V2.4 - April 14 2020.pdfIBM Mainframe Life Cycle History V2.4 - April 14 2020.pdf
IBM Mainframe Life Cycle History V2.4 - April 14 2020.pptxIBM Mainframe Life Cycle History V2.4 - April 14 2020.pptx




Planning and Design


IBM System z Family; IBM Z



Marketing, Service, Withdrawal, Discontinuance, Life Cycle, Supported

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