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IBM DRI System Connectivity and Security v3.21

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Stefan Lehmann
stefan lehmann

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IBM Systems

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TS3500; TS4500; TS7700; TS7720; TS7740; TS7760; TS7770

Abstract: This document describes security aspects when deploying IBM Data Retention Infrastructure (DRI) storage systems into a customer’s environment. The primary focus is on system Call Home as well as the remote access capability via TSSC. It also covers security aspects when connecting DRI storage systems to a customer’s network infrastructure, such as for access to the storage systems web user interface (GUI) or notification methods such as SNMP traps.

IBM DRI System Connectivity and Security v3.21.pdfIBM DRI System Connectivity and Security v3.21.pdf




Backup and Recovery


IBM Storage



DRI, tape, virtual tape, call home, remote support, security, system connectivity, TSSC

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