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IBM Informix C-ISAM V5.105724-C42
IBM Informix C-ISAM V7.20, V7.21, V7.22, V7.23, V7.24, V7.265724-C41
IBM Informix C-ISAM DataBlade Module V1.105724-C57
IBM Informix Connect Runtime V2.50, V2.60, V2.705724-C24
IBM Informix Data Director for Web V2.005724-C20
IBM Informix Database Administrator V1.005724-C53
IBM Informix Enterprise Gateway Manager V7.215724-C31
IBM Informix Enterprise Gateway with DRDA V7.315724-C31
IBM Informix ESQL for COBOL V5.105724-C67
IBM Informix ESQL for COBOL V7.255724-C68
IBM Informix ESQL/C Development and Runtime V5.10, V5.115724-C67
IBM Informix Excalibur Text Search DataBlade Module V1.305724-C29
IBM Informix Extended Parallel Server V8.325724-C19
IBM Informix Image Foundation DataBlade Module V2.005724-C59
IBM Informix I-Spy V2.005724-C32
IBM Informix JDBC Driver V1.505724-C48
IBM Informix JDBC Driver / Embedded SQLJ V2.00, V2.11, V2.205724-C25
IBM Informix MaxConnect V1.005724-C56
IBM Informix MetaCube ROLAP Option Agents, Direct Clients, Indirect Clients V4.205724-C52
IBM Informix NAG Finance DataBlade Module V1.105724-C60
IBM Informix NET V5.10, V5.115724-C45
IBM Informix Object Translator V2.005724-C26
IBM Informix OnLine V5.10, V5.115724-C47
IBM Informix SE V5.105724-C44
IBM Informix SE V7.20, V7.21, V7.22, V7.23, V7.24, V7.255724-C43
IBM Informix Server Administrator V1.405724-C27
IBM Informix Spatial DataBlade Module V8.115724-C61
IBM Informix STAR V5.10, V5.115724-C46
IBM Informix TimeSeries DataBlade Module V4.01, V4.025724-C62
IBM Informix TimeSeries Real Time Loader Bundle V1.00, V1.01, V1.025724-C63
IBM Informix Video Foundation DataBlade Module V2.005724-C64
IBM Informix Web DataBlade Module V4.12, V4.135724-C30
IBM Office Connect Enterprise Web Edition, Professional Web Edition, Personal Edition V3.005724-C15


* The terms that govern your use of a licensed Program consist of, but are not limited to:

  • License Information (LI); and either
  • Client Relationship Agreement previously agreed to in effect for the Program; or
  • If Client does not have previously agreed to license terms in effect for the Program, either the International Program License Agreement or the International License Agreement for Non-Warranted Programs as identified in the LI applies.