Automate composite workloads according to business policies

Workload Automation
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IBM Workload Scheduler automates, monitors and controls workflow throughout the enterprise IT infrastructure. This leading software automation tool can manage hundreds of thousands of workloads a day—from a single point of control. It helps you better align IT with business objectives to improve performance and reduce costs.

IBM Workload Scheduler helps you establish an enterprise workload automation backbone by driving composite workloads according to business policies.

What’s new in IBM Workload Scheduler

The latest release of IBM Workload Scheduler expands on previous releases with:

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IBM Workload Scheduler Version-to-Version Comparison
Features/functions 8.6 9.1 9.2
Event-Driven Workload Automation X X X
Workload Service Assurance (Critical Path) X X X
Graphical views for plan progress monitoring X X X
Dynamic Job routing and balancing X X X
End-to-end control from Mainframe or Distributed X X X
Cross dependencies between networks X X X
Mobile Self-Service Catalog X X X
Run cycle groups   X X
Workload application templates   X X
Mobile Self-Service Dashboard     X
Automation Advances      
Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC)   X X
Automatic management of trouble tickets     X
Automatic Discovery of objects in CCMDB     X
Business Level impact view on TBSM     X
Out of the box integrations      
Java, DB2, FTP jobs X X X
SAP, People Soft, Oracle X X X
DataStage, Cognos, Informatica   X X
Netezza, IBM MQ, Sterling Connect Direct     X
Elastic scaling   X X
Dynamic provisioning of distributed resources     X
Simplified configuration for dynamic agents behind firewalls     X

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