Helps you understand, enhance, and interconnect enterprise assets via Web-based infrastructures

WebSphere® Studio Asset Analyzer scans mainframe and distributed software assets, storing related application information in a DB2 repository that resides on the mainframe. You do not have to download your z9 and System z application inventory to a workstation, nor do you have to up-load your distributed application inventory to a mainframe. WebSphere Studio Asset Analyzer scans source where it lives, whether that is in PDS/PDSE datasets on the mainframe, directories on Windows or AIX, or one of a number of software configuration management systems (SCMs).

For distributed assets, WebSphere Studio Asset Analyzer supports scanning from IBM Rational ClearCase, CVS, and PVCS. For mainframe assets, Serena ChangeMan ZMF and SCLM are supported. Other SCMs may be supported through a user exit. A customer-supplied program calls the SCM. (Some programming is required.) Web applications can be scanned from WebSphere Application Servers running on either Windows or AIX. Along with your application source, WebSphere Studio Asset Analyzer scans mainframe CICS and IMS subsystems, the DB2® catalog, and distributed WebSphere Application Server domains.

WebSphere Studio Asset Analyzer can help to speed application changes and improve quality by automating the discovery phase of a development cycle, which can consume nearly a third of a project's total development costs.

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