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Watch Ash Kanagat, of Verizon, describe how his organization takes advantage of InfoSphere Data Explorer's unique capabilities to bring a wide variety of assets to the desktops of its 30,000 contact center agents, enabling them to help customers more quickly and efficiently.

IBM® InfoSphere® Data Explorer is software that provides federated discovery, navigation and search over a broad range of data sources and types, both inside and outside your enterprise, to help users of all kinds find and share information more easily and to help organizations launch big data initiatives more quickly. In addition to the core indexing, discovery, navigation and search engine the software includes a framework for developing information-rich applications that deliver a comprehensive, contextually-relevant view of any topic for business users, data scientists and a variety of targeted business functions.

InfoSphere Data Explorer provides these features and benefits:

Secure, federated navigation, discovery and search

Rapid development and deployment framework

Distributed, highly scalable architecture

Flexible data fusion capabilities

Collaboration features

InfoSphere Data Explorer

What's new in IBM InfoSphere Data Explorer V9.0

IBM InfoSphere Data Explorer V9.0 was announced October 29, 2013. The new version contains features designed to make it easier for organizations to index and explore extremely large data sets from a variety of different sources and to speed the development of information-driven 360 degree view applications. InfoSphere Data Explorer V9.0 removes the technical barriers related to navigation and discovery which separate "big data," enterprise data, and the cloud, enabling organizations to seamlessly leverage more of their data from a single point of access.

Summary of new capabilities in IBM InfoSphere Data Explorer V9.0:

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