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IBM® MaaS360® Laptop Management delivers security and management for both Windows PCs and Macs in one console, giving you what you need to manage the entire laptop product lifecycle. Delivered in the same, unified portal for mobile device management, IBM MaaS360 Laptop Management provides over-the-air enrollment, policy configuration, and visibility, control and reporting of your Windows and macOS laptops.


Windows PC management: Manage the entire Windows PC lifecycle by gaining insights in laptop details and taking remote actions.

macOS management: Get visibility of macOS laptops, configure security policies and perform remote actions.

IBM MaaS360 Laptop Management Lifecycle: Provide robust laptop management with software distribution, OS patch management and Windows app updates.

IBM MaaS360 Laptop Management Location: Locate a laptop with the same ease as locating a smartphone or tablet.

IBM MaaS360 Laptop Management Security and Compliance: Deliver critical anti-virus definition updates to laptops.

Windows PC management

macOS management

IBM MaaS360 Laptop Management Lifecycle

IBM MaaS360 Laptop Management Location

IBM MaaS360 Laptop Management Security and Compliance

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