IBM® Security Guardium® Data Protection for Databases – formerly IBM® Security Guardium® Data Activity Monitor, but now with simplified packaging – provides data activity monitoring, provides cognitive analytics to discover unusual activity around sensitive data, prevents unauthorized data access, provides alerts on suspicious activities, automates compliance workflows, and protects against internal and external threats. Continuous monitoring and real-time security policies protect data across the enterprise, without changes or performance impacts to data sources or applications. IBM Security Guardium Data Protection is built on a scalable architecture that provides full visibility on data activity across all major databases and data warehouses. It can be combined with IBM Security Guardium Data Protection for Big Data and IBM Security Guardium for Files for expanded monitoring and protection of sensitive data across the enterprise. For organizations supporting z/OS environments, IBM also offers IBM Security Guardium Data Protection for z/OS.

Monitor and audit all data activity

Enforce security policies in real time

Create a centralized repository of audit data

Support heterogeneous environments

Readily adapt to changes in your data environment

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