Enterprise-class replication solution for Hadoop data

Moving big data from lab environments to production environments, across multiple Hadoop distributions, and ground to cloud governed by data availability agreements is extremely difficult, expensive, and time consuming. IBM Big Replicate can help solve this problem with its high performance, enterprise-class technology.

IBM Big Replicate allows you to migrate Hadoop data across multiple environments, distributions, and hybrid deployments by providing a solution that:

Always on with performance to exceed the most demanding service level agreements (SLAs)

IBM Big Replicate delivers local network speed read/write access to the same data across every location (on-premises or in the cloud) at any distance. Built-in continuous hot backup with automated recovery delivers the lowest possible recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO), exceeding the most demanding business and regulatory requirements.

Increase capacity with no increase in hardware costs

IBM Big Replicate eliminates the need for standby hardware, so money is not wasted on read-only backup servers. Hardware previously used for backup and recovery becomes fully active, enabling your Hadoop deployment to scale up dramatically with existing resources.

Simplified backup, recovery, migration, and expansion

Dynamically adds new clusters and data centers to live Hadoop or hybrid cloud deployments without downtime. Enables staggered upgrades and migration between Hadoop clusters and cloud environments with no disruption to production applications.

Migrating to cloud and going hybrid -- No problem and no downtime

IBM Big Replicate makes it possible for the first time ever to migrate production data to the cloud without downtime or data loss. After you have migrated, IBM Big Replicate makes it easy to go hybrid and move data in and out of the cloud as it changes for on-demand burst-out processing and offsite data replication.

Real-time wherever you need it

IBM Big Replicate replicates data as it streams in. Files do not have to be fully written and closed before transferring data. This makes IBM Big Replicate ideal for Spark Streaming and other fast data applications that require replication and continuous availability.

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