A scalable, high-performance database for small and mid-size businesses

IBM® DB2® Workgroup Server Edition is a high-performance database for managing relational data. The solution is designed for departments, workgroups and small or mid-size businesses. It provides robust data management, high availability, autonomic functions and security features. The solution helps ensure greater runtime performance, reliability and lower total cost of ownership.

DB2 Workgroup Server Edition offers these features and benefits:

Improves application performance

Delivers high availability and disaster recovery capabilities

Provides a secure, flexible environment

Interfaces with a variety of data more efficiently

Improves productivity and reduces administration efforts

*The support for the DB2 Workgroup Server Edition and DB2 Enterprise Server Edition on pureScale is only for one primary server and one standby server. The standby server can only be used to perform administrative tasks, or be ready to take over from the primary server in the event of a planned or unplanned outages.

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